Improve Your Employee’s Health, Finance, And Wellbeing With Benefit 360 Hub!

1099ers Accepted!

Employer, you have the POWER to...

  • Offer fancy vacations
  • Get high-quality healthcare coverage for your employees and their family members
  • Saving home expenses
  • Plan their retirement
  • Unlimited legal, tax, and CPA consultations
  • Many more great deals of valuable benefits!

They can take advantage of all these perks.


Hire better employees more efficiently, keep them on the job longer, and increase their productivity.


*All workers are defined as unrestricted employees and contractors (1099ers) of any age.

Dream Vacations

 Send your employees on a vacation (30 US destinations, 50 international destinations)!

  • 3–7 nights vacation once a year to US destinations
  • Or 3–7 nights vacation once a year to International destinations

*Employee chooses the destination, there is no time share, and hotel fees are fully paid for!

Dream Healthcare Benefits

Save a substantial amount of money compared to the individual costs by providing a high-quality healthcare plan for all of your employees and their families.


*For everybody, regardless of age or health

  • Coverage extends to the member, spouse, and dependents.
  • Free wellness checks and test results for your primary care doctor to review.
  • Includes unrestricted access to telemedicine and urgent care.
  • Additional advantages include unlimited mental health appointments, reduced prescription drug costs of up to 85%, and many more. (Dental, Vision, Lab, and Diabetic Supplies)

Our medical professionals will advise them on the best course of action.

Dream Bill Saving

Nowadays, people experience increased pressure from their monthly bills. What if you could reduce your staff's monthly expenses by 30% to 50%?


They will have a team of professionals bargain with their current vendors for lower pricing on their behalf. 100% finished for them with no up-front fees.

They’ll be able to save on all these bills and more:


Natural Gas

Cable Bundles





Satellite Radio

Community Solar


Simplify Your Life:

 Our Expertise, Your Peace of Mind!

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- Create a company website
- Offer perks selection for employees
- Facilitate communication on benefits

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- Enroll employees in chosen programs
- Utilize a professional team for optimal solutions

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- Experience seamless assistance before and after enrollment

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